One of the many ways that Matheson staff works to share Alachua County’s history with the community is through articles in local and regional publications.


Sheltering the Past: The Matheson House of Gainesville, Florida by Murray Laurie, Alachua Press, 1999

A Tour Guide to the Past: Historic Alachua County and Old Gainesville by Ben Pickard, Alachua Press, 2001

Florida’s Eden: An Illustrated History of Alachua County by John B. Pickard, Maupin House Book, 1994

Academic Journals

Intro and link to Florida Revealed blog by Joanna Grey Talbot – Journal of Florida Studies, Vol. 1 Issue 7, 2018

Florida Revealed blog – Joanna Grey Talbot

Florida Revealed: Dispatches from the Land of Publix, Citrus, and Alligators

Gainesville Magazine – Dr. Peggy Macdonald (director 2015-2019)

Gainesville 150? An Anniversary and a Complicated History – September 2019

A Florida Love Story – February 2019

The Glory Days and Demise of Local Oranges – December 2018

Though Closed for 30 Years, Silverman’s Legacy Lives On – October 2018

Back to School, Old Gainesville Style – August 2018

Old-fashioned Gainesville swimming holes – June 2018

What’s in a name? You might be surprised – April 2018

Lincoln High School: Paying tribute to a community treasure – February 2018

What the lions saw – December 2017

Saved by the bell: Piecing together the puzzle of a historic downtown church – August 2017

Built to last: Putting old buildings to new use in downtown Gainesville – June 2017

We’re still gator-crazy after all these years – April 2017

Melting Pot Undergoing Another Metamorphosis – February 2017

University Avenue then and now: Reflecting on more than a century of change – February 2017

Alachua County’s springs cherished for healing properties – December 2016

Changes in Nursing Mirror Changes in Society – November 2016

Nostalgia on a plate: Gainesvillians recall their favorite soul food dishes from Mom’s Kitchen – August 2016

Beating the heat: Ice factories and ice cream in old Gainesville – June 2016

How Gainesville became an incubator for the women’s liberation movement – April 2016

Old Joe’s secret: What lies beneath the 1885 courthouse? – April 2016

Before the Gym: When nature was what the doctor ordered – October 2015

We are the boys (& girls) of Old Florida – July 2015

HOME Magazine Gainesville – Joanna Grey Talbot

Four Historic African-American Businesses – February/March 2019

The History of Alachua County’s Jewish Community – August/September 2018

Names That Bring the Past Alive – February/March 2018

Guide to Greater Gainesville – Joanna Grey Talbot

History of Alachua County – 2020/2021

History of Alachua County – 2018

Alachua County: Rich in History – 2017

Our Town Magazine – Joanna Grey Talbot and Dr. Peggy Macdonald (director 2015-2019)

Legacy of Leadership: The Matheson History Museum Welcomes New Executive Director – January/February 2022

Serving by Preserving: Two Gainesville Citizens Volunteer to Preserve Our Collective History – November/December 2021

A Look into the Past: Historic Buildings that no Longer Stand – September/October 2021

Let’s Go Team! High School Sports Teams of Alachua County’s Past – July/August 2021

Helen Cubberly Ellerbe: Librarian at Home and War – January/February 2021

History in the Makers: The Long Tradition of Alachua County Creators – November/December 2020

The People of Union Academy: Their Legacy and Impact on Alachua County – September/October 2020

Florida’s Female Pioneers: Four Women Who Shaped the State – March/April 2020

Thelma A. Boltin: The Queen of the Florida Folk Festival – March/April 2020

Fashion Forward: The Influence of Flapper Culture in the 1920s – January/February 2020

TickTock: Gainesville’s Clock Towers Keep the Past Alive – November/December 2019

A Taste of Old Gainesville – November/December 2019

Doug’s Dairy Twirl: Memories of a Legendary Local Treat Live On – November/December 2019

Gator History: The Unexpected Origins of the University of Florida – September/October 2019

History of Mebane High School: Alumni and Teachers Recall a Storied Past – September/October 2019

Seminole Wars – March/April 2019

Remembering Rosewood – January/February 2019

Bill Bryson: One of Gainesville’s Most Revered Cultural Figures Looks to Supercharge Downtown’s Musical Magnetism – September/October 2018

Sweetwater Branch Inn: Victorian Splendor in Historic Downtown Gainesville – May/June 2018

A Tribute to Tommy: Mural artist Blake Harrison pays respect to Tom Petty – May/June 2018

Jean Chalmers: Model, Activist, Mayor, Leader – March/April 2018

Florida’s Space Legacy: Preserving historic space exploration sites before they vanish – May/June 2017

Sacred Waters – January/February 2017

Haile Holidays: Historic Haile Homestead celebrates Christmas the old fashioned way – November/December 2016

Is it in you? The 50 Year Anniversary of Dr. Robert Cade’s Invention of Gatorade – July/August 2016

Forgotten Industries: Gone are the Days of the Tung Blossom Queen – March/April 2016

Robb House: Paying tribute to Alachua County’s first female doctorSeptember/October 2015

Downtown Battlefield: One of Gainesville’s Best-Kept Secrets is a Civil War Battlefield in the Heart of Downtown – July/August 2015

Senior Times Magazine – Dr. Peggy Macdonald (director 2015-2019)

Hidden Herstory: Women Pioneers at the University of Florida – March 2018

Rare, Beautiful and Fascinating: The Florida Museum of Natural History celebrates 100 years – April 2017

Growing up Crom: The Legacy of a Unique Family of Artists and Artisans – September 2016

Portal to the Past: Dudley Farm’s Annual Quilt Day Offers a Taste of Old Florida – September 2016

“I Enjoy Living”: Centenarian Tilden Counts Booth Remembers Old Gainesville – August 2016

Women Uncorked: Gainesville Woman’s Club Celebrates Over a Century of Service to the Community – July 2016

Bringing the Past to Life: David Jones Helps Students Understand Why History Matters – May 2016

All in the Family: How the Father-Son and Mother-Daughter Bond Shaped Five Community Leaders – April 2016

An Invisible Line: Remember Paradise Park – February 2016