Highlights of the Matheson History Museum’s collections include over 20,000 historic Florida postcards from every county in the state; 1,500 Florida stereoview cards; a large collection of illustrations of Florida from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper and Harper’s Weekly newspaper; the Bone Photograph Collection, featuring photographs taken by local professional photographer Elmer Bone from the 1920s to the 1950s; records of local civic and social groups; and a large Alachua County History Subject File. A selection of the museum’s postcards can be viewed online on the University of Florida Digital Collections website, https://ufdc.ufl.edu/imatheson.

The Matheson History Museum’s library books are catalogued in the collection of the Alachua County Library District and are searchable on their website, www.aclib.us.

The Matheson History Museum also houses a large collection of stereoscopic views from the late 19th and early 20th centuries depicting locations around Florida. The cards capture a time in American history when Florida experienced tremendous growth in industry, development, tourism and agriculture. Many of the cards were designed to entice visitors and record the natural beauty and wonder of this unique geographic area.

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Want to donate?

We are always looking for artifacts that help tell the history of Alachua County. If you wish to donate or have images/documents you’re willing for us to scan, please contact Chloe Richardson at crichardson@mathesonmuseum.org or 352-378-2280.